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Aurora borealis

Hello Aurora! Can you start by introducing yourself to our readers?

Hello, yes of course! I am Aurore, “Aurore Boreale” by my artist name and I am 25 years old. I am a child from the South-West but recently I moved to the Loire and I like it there! In life, I work as a technical sales representative.

Qu'are you'gave the taste for music?

Probably my little sister! I have always listened and danced to music, but she is the first singer in the family. She transmitted her passion to me and it stayed!

What is your musical background and where are you at now?

I first sang for myself and my loved ones, then I wanted to accompany myself with an instrument. A class colleague had shared his passion for the ukulele with me. By dint of talking about my desire to have a ukulele to my family, I received one for my birthday in 2016. A few days after receiving it, I started my Instagram account ( ) to share my progress on video. Then came the summer of 2018 when I met Steven (aka MC Tams-y) who was comfortable in music production and who took me under his wing. I shared my videos with him and he then trusted me completely by taking me to record titles in the studio (covers, personal compositions etc...). He also offered me stages and singing competitions. Since then, he's been my producer, and we work together on different musical projects.

What are your musical influences?

As a child, I was a fan of Hélène Ségara's songs, I was offered her CDs on my birthdays and I sang at the top of my voice over them. Then I met Beyonce, and I was crazy when I watched her shows on video. Even today I will dream of dancing and singing with as much power as she does on stage. More recently, Dua Lipa, Angèle, Pomme, Oscar Anton, Janie and Kaky won my heart. Finally, all periods combined, it's still pop or electro-pop that punctuates my life.

Do you compose your own songs?

Yes quite ! The very first one I composed is called "Emotional Lift". I was lucky enough to be able to record it in the studio with my ukulele. Afterwards my producer worked on a "pop" version with a mix to offer a different version and I loved it. We made a video clip to illustrate all that, and it became my single.

What is the'story of your song?

"Emotional lift" was born in 2017 in my songbook. The theme of love from a distance had inspired me a lot and I decided to compose on it by playing with words. The part of mathematician in me wanted for example to place the words "parallel" and "perpendicular" in a nod to my scientific studies. And then on the other hand, the little literary part in me had fun with the tenses (past simple, past tense, present, future, etc.) in the first verse.

You are often in the company of'a ukulele on your instagram posts! Is it your favorite instrument?

Yes totally, I don't know of a better instrument than the ukulele, although I'm probably not objective. I adopted it quickly because even without being a musician and without having done music theory, I managed to play it.

Since when do you play the ukulele?

I have been playing ukulele since 2016.

How did you learn?

Alone, self-taught with the internet. That's the magic of this instrument, it takes a little patience at first but with perseverance you get there!

What is your favorite song to play on the ukulele?

If I had to choose one, it would be “Riptide” by Vance Joy, because it was the first one I learned to play and it brings back a lot of memories.

What are your future projects?

An EP is currently in progress. We recorded several of my songs (in French and in English), however the health crisis and my move to the Loire have slowed down the finalization of this one a little, but it won't be long. Otherwise, other titles featuring are in preparation and in particular with a clip very soon!

Thank you very much for this exchange Aurore! Where can we find you?

Mainly on Instagram and Tiktok, I also share on my facebook page AuroreBoreale. Thank you Upa Upa Tahiti for this interview!

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