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Ia ora na Poerava! Can you introduce yourself ?

Ia orana I introduce myself Poerava Tauhiro, I am 36 years old and have currently been living in the beautiful city of London for 8 years now. I was born in Papeete and grew up in the town of Teva i uta - Mataiea.

How long have you been playing the ukulele?

I started playing ukulele since confinement, in April 2019. 

Why did you choose tolearn the ukulele ?

I've always loved this instrument since I was little, but I never had the opportunity to play it at the time, nor to practice with my cousins.

But the real reason that pushed me to play it is that I lost my father in March 2020 during confinement and I couldn't return to French Polynesia for the funeral. So I needed to mourn in my own way and I chose the ukulele. To be honest it changed my life because now I discovered a real passion and also it allows me to escape and somehow be close to him. 

Why this instrument rather than'another ?

I really like the sound it gives. The smaller the instrument, the higher the sound. There are also different sizes and my favorites are concert and tenor. 

Good also to be honest there are fewer strings so easier to play compared to the guitar.

How did you learn to play it?

I learned to play on YouTube, I found a lot of professional artists and also ukulele teachers who give free lessons and tutorials on their channel. I also discovered a community on Instagram and it's amazing to see this enthusiasm on an international scale. Many people like the ukulele, like in Europe for example but also in the United States. In England there are also many of us and that's great.

Have you taken music education lessons and if not, do you think that l'one can learn ukulele without solfage?

 No, I've never taken any music education classes other than college. You can also learn the ukulele very well without music theory. Like me, for example: I've never done music theory and I manage to play it very well. But I sincerely think that for the long term it's important to learn to have a solid foundation in music. I plan to get serious about it as soon as I have a moment.

What are your favorite songs to play on the ukulele ?

For the moment, in local Polynesian songs I will cite these: Pahoho - Te Ava Piti, Orio - Bobby Holcomb and Vaihiria - Gabilou. 

In foreign music, I would say these (even if I will have many others, the list is too long!): Jardin d'hiver - Henri Salvador, Dreams - Fleetwood Mac, Otherside - Red Hot chilli pepper, Yellow-Coldplay.

 Are there artists who like youinspire ?

Gabilou, Esther Tefana, Emma Terangi, Angelo, Te Ava Piti Band, Billie Eilish, Grace Vanderwaal, Taimane Gardner, Cynthia Lin, Israel Kamakawiwoʻole, Daniel Ho, Bobby Holcomb, Teiva LC.

Do you think it is difficult toto learn the ukulele? Why ?

 No, it's not difficult to learn the ukulele. You have to establish a good routine and try to stick to it to make progress. For example I played two hours a day (1h in the morning and 1h in the afternoon) for 2 months and then 4h on Saturday and 4h on Sunday because I no longer had time during the week because of work.

Do you have any advice for someoneone who would like toput there?

Not really advice but for people who want to learn you have to get started. It doesn't matter how old you are, go ahead and have fun and if it sounds wrong or you can't sing it doesn't matter, you have to keep going and it will come. 

The main thing is to have fun and to take time for yourself is important. 

Māuruuru for this Poerava interview! Finally, oWhere can we find you on social media?

Thank you ! You can join me on my instagram account: @ukulelepoptahiti.

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