From what age can you play the ukulele?

From what age can you play the ukulele?

The ukulele, this stringed musical instrument that we tend to compare to the guitar, which we often confuse with the cavaquinho, and which directly evokes the exotic songs played at the beach... It is one of the instruments the most played in the world, with its few particularities. However, before becoming a master of the ukulele, you have to start by learning! But can we really define the age from which it is possible to discover the ukulele? You will find the answers to this question in this article.

What age to start playing the ukulele?

Generally speaking, children are willing to play this instrument from the age of five. This is a generality, because there are quite a number of children who have learned to learn and play the ukulele at a younger age. In addition, the ukulele is the ideal instrument to introduce a child to the world of music, without requiring large investments on your part.

How do you know if the child is ready to play this instrument?

To find out, pay attention to your child's actions as soon as he shows interest in an instrument. Whatever the instrument, do not hesitate to watch video clips together and engage in discussion on the different kinds of instruments, as well as the importance of the instrument in music. If after that, he seems interested in learning to play an instrument, you have free rein to introduce your child to the ukulele! To motivate him, you can do the same thing as with the instrument music videos, but this time they must show younger children who have also learned to play the ukulele successfully. You can then take him to a music store to see his reaction to the ukulele in his hand.

What size ukulele is best for kids?

As we already know, the ukulele is a remarkably small instrument. As a reminder, the soprano is the standard size for the ukulele. Here are the options for children aged two to eight who want to start playing the ukulele:

  • Either you choose to offer him a soprano ukulele, which you can find everywhere in music stores;
  • Either buy a children's ukulele, even smaller than the soprano (can also be called a "sopranino"), with colorful designs and patterns to motivate it. Indeed, your child will be likely to play much more often if you offer him a ukulele that he likes. It should be noted that these "special children" ukuleles are less resistant and limited to being used only to begin and discover the ukulele.

The ukulele, a musical instrument for everyone

Although it is possible to start playing the ukulele from the age of 5, and sometimes even before that, this does not prevent the older ones from discovering this instrument well beyond this age. Indeed, music belongs to everyone, and everyone can decide to start playing an instrument when they can or want to! As long as the motivation to learn the ukulele is there, age doesn't matter. 

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