Brittni Paiva: Hawaiian ukulele star

Brittni Paiva: a Hawaiian ukulele star - upaupatahiti

Brittni Paiva is an artist who owes her fame to her talent and her love for the ukulele. Known throughout the world for her incredible talent in the practice of this small stringed instrument, this artist who began her career very young seduces everyone in the ukulele. According to Brittni Paiva, between her and her ukulele, it's a real love story. This article takes stock of the story and journey of this young Hawaiian with unlimited talent.

Biography of Brittni Paiva

Also called the “ukulele supergirl” thanks to her song Thunderstorm Slack Key, Brittni Paiva is a very well-known artist in Hawaii who has obtained a number of awards since the beginning of her long and promising career. In particular, she won the Na Hoku Hanohano in 2005 with her first recording Brittni X 3. A track in which Brittni Paiva used three instruments, namely ukulele, guitar and bass. 

Born on September 28, 1988 in the city of Hilo in Hawaii, Brittni Paiva has origins as varied as her music. Coming from a Portuguese, Danish, Japanese and at the same time Hawaiian generation, this music star received musical training from the age of 14, learning more particularly the classical piano using the Suzuki technique. His grandfather also introduced him to the ukulele when he was 11 years old. That was the trigger, Brittni Paiva could no longer separate from her favorite instrument. . She then played Hawaiian slack key guitar and bass out of love for string instruments. Brittni Paiva also said: "I want the strings to be my voice and portray as much feeling as a singer would". 

Focus on the journey of Brittni Paiva

Brittni Paiva is an instrumentalist highly rewarded for her incredible musical talents. At 16, she specifically won the Most Promising Artist Award thanks to her first single. She also released her second album, HEAR, when she was 17, which won her the 2006 Hawaii Music Awards for Best Instrumental Album of the Year and Favorite Artist of the Year.

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