How to choose between a soprano and concert ukulele?

How to choose between a soprano and concert ukulele?

Do you want to start playing the ukulele, but you don't know if you should choose a Soprano or a Concert? You have come to the right place, to the right article! These two types of ukuleles are all very popular, but when it comes to choosing, it has to be done well. Here's how to make the right choice between a Soprano and a Concert ukulele.

The Difference Between a Soprano Ukulele and a Concert Ukulele

Both the Soprano and the Concert are great for getting started playing the ukulele. In order to know which type of ukulele is best for you, you need to know their differences, which come in two aspects including size and tone.

The size that suits you

The Soprano is the standard size ukulele. When no precision is mentioned on the type of ukulele, it means that it is a Soprano ukulele. This type of ukulele has a body size between 30 and 35 centimeters. Because of this, the Soprano ukulele will be an excellent choice for children, but also for adults. On the other hand, they will have to take the time to get used to the small neck of their Soprano ukulele. Its small size also makes it easier to carry. As for the Concert ukulele, its size can vary between 35 and 40,5 cm. This size does not make them more difficult to transport, but unlike the Soprano, it favors a better grip for adults, especially those who have difficulty getting used to the Soprano ukulele. The Concert ukulele is more comfortable to use thanks to its volume.

The sound

In addition to the size of the ukulele and the comfort of use, the sound is also a key criterion to help you make the right choice between the Soprano and the Concert. However, you should know that the sound of a ukulele, whether Soprano or Concert, generally depends on a few other factors such as the brand of the instrument, its tuning, its strings as well as the type of wood used for its manufacturing. In general, it is known that the Soprano ukulele produces a very high pitched sound, which makes it easier to recognize, and that the Concert ukulele offers a warmer sound. It is interesting to note that the tones of these sounds are largely obtained thanks to the wood with which the instrument is made.

The type of wood used to make the instrument

As for the type of wood, remember that acacia koa and mahogany are the most used in the manufacture of a ukulele, regardless of its size. Each type of wood has its own specificities, with regard to the sound produced by the instrument. For example, we can take mahogany, which offers a rich and full tone, while other types of wood will emphasize the treble side of the ukulele. All you have to do is choose the type of wood that gives you the most enthusiasm when trying out the instrument. Eh yes ! Trying the Soprano and the Concert ukulele directly, and then comparing them, is also an effective way to make the right choice between the two types of instruments.

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