How to play the ukulele when you're left-handed?

How to play the ukulele when you are left-handed? - upaupatahiti

Like guitars and other minor stringed instruments, most ukuleles are designed for right-handed people. The problem being that the world isn't all right-handed. Are you left-handed and want to play the ukulele? Don't worry, it is quite possible to learn this instrument by not being right-handed. You only need to reverse certain elements to succeed in playing the ukulele as a left-handed person.

A right-handed and left-handed ukulele: what is the difference?

For the small group of individuals who had the strange distinction of being left-handed, two options are available to you. The first: buy a left-handed ukulele, because yes it exists. And the second alternative: buy a ukulele made for right-handers and reverse all the strings. If it's doable for a guitar, why not for a ukulele? Of course, the difference between a right-handed ukulele and a left-handed ukulele is simple: the body is reversed! This means that instead of holding the neck of your instrument with your left hand as for right-handed people, you will hold the neck on the right side with your right hand. Note that the strings are always oriented in the same way. And that's all you need to do, nothing more.

Playing the ukulele as a left-handed person: how to proceed?

If you are more skilled with your left hand, you can very well read tablature as a left-hander and play it. The fact is that absolutely nothing changes. You should also attack the strings in the same way, but this time with your left hand. Indeed, playing the ukulele when you are left-handed is not as difficult as that. The proof: you just have to reverse the image of the videos as well as the chord boxes in your head. Also, it should be noted that the score will always remain in the same direction whether it is a question of playing with the right or left hand. So, there too, you will not have to modify anything. However, be careful when tuning your left-handed ukulele. It is indeed necessary to make the correspondence between the keys as well as the strings as on the right-handed ukulele. Basically, if you're left-handed, you just have to read the ukulele chord diagrams in addition to projecting the video the other way around. In short, nothing too bad!

Learning on a right-handed ukulele while being left-handed: is it possible?

It is both a choice and an essential question. Naturally, if this is your choice, it is quite feasible. If you are left-handed and want to play a right-handed ukulele, you will need to hold your ukulele like a right-handed person. That is to say, the left hand on the fretboard with the right hand attacking the strings. Note that this option is not always obvious since you will have to act as a right-hander as much in the head as in practice.  

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