Discover our app to tune your ukulele

Discover our app to tune your ukulele

New technologies are currently more and more efficient, whether smartphones, tablets, chromebooks, and others. In particular, they are accessible to everyone, including students, workers and musicians. Indeed, it turns out that music type applications are only multiplying. Particularly numerous, these applications make it possible not only to learn an instrument, but also to tune it easily.

The ukulele is what sounds like an especially difficult instrument to tune, especially if you are unfamiliar with string devices. To remedy this, nothing like an application to help you tune your ukulele. Follow us for more details.

Why tune your Ukulele?

First of all, a little point on why it is essential to tune your ukulele. Reason number 1, to sound harmonious since the ukulele is generally played with chords. And of course, it is impossible to play something pretty on the ukulele if its 4 strings are not correctly tuned to each other.

A ukulele must also be tuned if you wish to play with other musicians. The fact is that to be able to accompany other instruments or play on a play-back / backing track, you need an instrument tuned to the same pitch. Remember that it is the tuner set to the 440Hz pitch that is used the most.

It is also important to tune the ukulele as it often tends to go out of tune. Your instrument can actually go out of tune under the pressure of your playing or even between uses. The ukulele made of wood can therefore move with temperature as well as with the degree of humidity.

Ukulele tuner: the application par excellence!

The tuner is an application specially dedicated to the ukulele. Intuitive and at the same time easy to use, it will help you easily tune your ukulele. The goal is to make your chords sound and allow you to play in tune. Small detail, if you are new to the field, know that the standard tuning of ukuleles is: Sol - Do - Mi - La. In English lettering, you will have: G - C - E - A.

Ukulele tuner: how to use it well?

You will understand, our ukulele tuner is the "progressive web app" that will help you tune your instrument easily and quickly. To do this, start by clicking on the string you want to tune. You will find that the tuner will give you the correct note, that is, the one you must obtain by playing the corresponding string on your instrument. On this, take care to adjust the sound by turning the key. This gesture is to be carried out until obtaining the same sound on the ukulele as the signal emitted by our tuner. And to get in the bass, you just have to loosen the string of your ukulele. For successful tuning, be sure to start with the lowest string, that of G. Then move on to Do, Mi and La. To perfect it all, don't forget to check that your tuning is correct by strumming the 4 strings of your ukulele at the same time.

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