The Polynesian party and the ukulele

The Polynesian party and the ukulele - upaupatahiti

In Polynesia, the party is well known for being rhythmic and exotic. It must also be said that music is somehow inscribed in the DNA of the Polynesians, as they prove during these moments of magical rejoicing, which have become a real tradition. This great joie de vivre is punctuated by the exceptional sounds of traditional and improvised instruments, including the ukulele.

The atmosphere of the Polynesian party

The Polynesian-style party will always delight us! It's a real part of Polynesian culture in its own right, during which friends and even strangers get together to "party", as we say so well. Whether it's for a wedding, a birthday, or for something else entirely, everything is a valid reason in Polynesia to party! Everyone brings their favorite instrument, without forgetting their voice, and the festivities can begin. Regardless of the instrument (ukulele, guitar, djembe, etc.), everyone does their best to keep the mood going and have fun. During the binges, the Polynesians play music and sing with all their heart, and one feels an intense energy that emerges from these good times. For Polynesians and lovers of Polynesian culture, there is nothing like these local festivals to enjoy the present moment and have fun. As we just mentioned above, instruments are important during local parties. What if there was no instrument? Polynesians have only one goal: to have fun! In such situations, they improvise the instruments themselves, such as homemade maracas with an empty beer bottle and two spoons, or rope bins. Anyway, the ukulele is the instrument not to forget during a Polynesian party, because it is undoubtedly the best to play and give rhythm to Polynesian folk songs.

Types of ukuleles for Polynesian partying

To rock ukuleles, Polynesians prefer to use Soprano ukuleles, Concert ukuleles and Tahitian ukuleles. First of all, remember that there are 4 standard types of ukuleles: Soprano, Concert, Tenor, Baritone. You may have noticed that the Tahitian ukulele is not on the list? We will therefore start by explaining this to you. The Tahitian ukulele, as its name suggests, has its origins in Tahiti. This instrument is widely used in other regions of Polynesia. It is more exactly a modified version of the old Hawaiian ukulele. The Tahitian ukulele is differentiated by its open back, and it produces a higher and thinner sound. Its sound is considered superior. It is important to know that ukuleles are distinguished according to their size and pitch. The Soprano ukulele is the most common, with the original size of ukulele (between 30,5 cm and 35,5 cm). As for the Concert, it can measure between 35,5 cm and 40,5 cm.

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