The origins of Upa Upa Tahiti, your ukulele shop in Tahiti

The origins of Upa Upa Tahiti, your ukulele shop in Tahiti - upaupatahiti

Are you looking for a quality ukulele with a good sound? You are in the right place ! Upa Upa Tahiti will be your guide in your quest for exceptional music.

Welcome to the musical universe of Upa Upa Tahiti

Ia Ora Na, maeva e manava at “Upa Upa Tahiti”, a brand of ukuleles created in 2019 in French Polynesia.

We have made it our mission to bring together all lovers of ukulele and Tahiti no matter where they live!

Our values: conviviality, quality and sound

Committed to conviviality and manufacturing quality, Upa Upa Tahiti wishes to democratize the practice of the ukulele.

From the start of this adventure, we wanted to create a fun, accessible and easily accessible brand in the image of Polynesians so that our beautiful Pacific island could come and meet musicians from all over the world. If you don't come to Papeete with Air Tahiti Nui to play the soprano, it's the Fenua that now comes to you through the Upa Upa Tahiti experience!

The Polynesian party is not a myth, it is an institution, a joyful ritual that is lived and where the main thing is to have fun without taboos, to take pleasure in playing regardless of your musical level. Our promise is to make you dream, to transport you to the other side of the world in French Polynesia with our ukuleles!

Accessible ukuleles for all levels and all budgets

We offer a range of acoustic ukuleles of different sizes (Soprano Ukulele, Concert Ukulele, Tenor Ukulele, Guitarlele) in premium wood species with excellent value for money for all profiles.

The Upa Upa Tahiti ukulele models are imagined and designed in French Polynesia. All our instruments are made with care to last over time and become the cruising companion of travellers, dreamers or drinkers. They are of equivalent quality to the well-known Hawaiian brands. We take particular care to satisfy each of our customers. That's why every ukulele we sell comes complete with Aquila branded nylon strings, gig bag and picks.

Beginner or experienced musician, our musical instruments will respond with their playing comfort and their resonance to all your expectations for your moments of relaxation, musical creation or partying.

We also provide on our site a tuner application available for free to help you easily and quickly tune the four strings of your ukulele in all circumstances.


The Upa Upa Tahiti team

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