When to change the strings of a ukulele?

When to change the strings of a ukulele? - upaupatahiti

The ukulele owes its beautiful playful sounds to its four strings which make it an exceptional musical instrument. The great Iz (Israel Kamakawiwo'ole) certainly couldn't have produced his most popular song, the "Somewhere Over the Rainbow / What a Wonderful World" medley, if he didn't have a ukulele and guitars at his disposal. good quality strings.

The condition of the strings is therefore an essential aspect that any good player must absolutely take into consideration. But how do you really know if it's time (or not) to replace your ukulele's strings?

In case of wear

As with the guitar, all it takes is a quick glance to see the wear and tear on a ukulele's strings. However, if experienced players have the ability to detect this defect more quickly, beginner profiles may have difficulty detecting it. Of course, you can easily see with the naked eye that the strings are worn out (the material is altered and the shape of the threads is no longer regular). However, it is especially in terms of sound that we can deduce that the elements are no longer of very good quality. In general, the note will still sound bad in the treble when the strings are worn, even if the instrument is tuned correctly. The strings must therefore be modified. As soon as the strings are replaced, the player will find that the sound is much rounder and warmer. In addition, it will also detect a marked improvement in terms of accuracy and sound projection.

When you want to improve the sound

It may happen that a performer decides to change the strings of his ukulele for the simple reason that he wants to obtain a better sound both in terms of power and precision. The elements may still be of good quality, but the music produced may not meet the player's expectations. In this case, the only solution will be to replace them. Different models and brands of ropes are currently available on the market. We can mention in particular:

  • Aquila: This Italian brand is renowned for its “Nylgut” strings. The threads are soft and thick. The main advantage of accessories is that they give volume to the ukulele even if they produce a sound with little treble. This is the brand of string used on all Upa Upa Tahiti ukuleles.
  • Worth: the elements are characterized by their fine and very smooth appearance. Like the previous one, this model will also give volume to the ukulele. It should be noted, however, that the strings exist in several rods and colors. Depending on the case, you can have a sound with more or less treble (and more or less volume).
  • D'Addario: The brand's products are among the most popular today. The accessories are quite easy to recognize thanks to their reference (J65, J92 strings and others).

In addition to these three main brands, you can also choose from other brands such as Martin and Fremont. In any case, the important thing for the player will be to ensure that the instrument produces a better sound color, with more projection and intonation, thanks to the new strings.

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