What are the most beautiful Tahitian songs?

What are the most beautiful Tahitian songs? - upaupatahiti

Tahiti is a land cradled to the sound of music, more particularly the sound of the ukulele. Indeed, almost the entire Tahitian population plays music to embellish their daily lives. One reason why it is not uncommon to see musicians in every corner of the island. But what are the most beautiful Tahitian songs today? Although it is not always easy to make an objective classification when it comes to songs, discover in this article a small overview of some of the key songs from Polynesia.

The most beautiful tubes of Polynesia of the moment

The group E Ono with its piece called Fenua is at the top of the ranking. This is a song very sincerely inspired by the love for Fenua, its homeland and its roots. Then you have Raumata with its title Te manu hoata, a song that evokes both the beauty of the Tahitian island and the talent of its artists. Maruao with his piece called Faaru'e is also one of the songs that are very listened to and very appreciated in Tahiti. Not to mention the title Tamarii vairao de E au e and Gabilou with his title Apetahi.

Faafait de Pepena

This is a song that will allow you to fully interact with the young people of Polynesia. Pepena is one of the Polynesian groups most appreciated by the youth of the country. Faafaite clearly embodies the sensuality that emanates from the Tahitian islands. From the album Pepena, this song will allow you to enjoy the poetry of the group. Especially if you listen to it at sunrise: "the seconds pass, the hours pass, the morning gives way to the turquoise sky", nothing like good soothing music as soon as you wake up.

To'a Marama by Nohorai Temaiana

This title is also added to the list of the most popular songs in Tahiti. Nohorai Temaiana, a little genius of the Polynesian scene who around 2018 knew how to charm his followers. His talent is especially highlighted and without puns with this piece which is called "To'a Marama" in other words the luminous rock. It is a song that recalls the important place of the ocean in the life of Polynesians and their respect for their environment.

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