What styles of music to play with a ukulele?

What styles of music to play with a ukulele?

The ukulele is very often depicted as an instrument for tropical music and songs that are played by the beach. However, it must be admitted that the ukulele is an excellent instrument for these genres of music, but it is also suitable for other styles! It should also be noted that this instrument is not limited to the simple fact of playing chords one after the other, because it is also possible to play arpeggios, to solo, or even to rock. Zoom on the styles of music that can be played with the ukulele.

The most frequently played styles of music with the ukulele

It is obvious to note that the ukulele is much more suitable for certain styles of music such as pop, ballads or traditional music played on the ukulele.

Traditional ukulele music

As we just said, the ukulele is an instrument that evokes the islands, and it's not wrong! Thanks to its fresh sound, the ukulele makes us think of the beach, the sea and the summer. Traditional music takes up this image, and is designed with lighter lyrics that are accompanied by the basic rhythms of the ukulele! Just play a few chords and keep a beat and you've got a great traditional ukulele tune.

ukulele ballads

Did you know that the soft little ballads you often hear on the radio can be played on the ukulele? Yes, by linking the notes one after the other, you play arpeggios, which essentially constitute the music of soft ballads. You can indeed play ballads with this unique instrument, and take the classic songs to remix them as you wish!


Today, the music most often broadcast on television and radio is pop, although most of it is modified with electronic effects. It is quite possible to play these kinds of music with ukulele. To do this, simply transcribe the piece in the form of lyrics and chords, and then all you have to do is play with the chord names that you have learned thanks to your method, or even add your voice to them!

The other musical styles that can be played with a ukulele

Obviously, if certain styles of music are very often played with this instrument, there are others which can also be played with the ukulele, but which are a little less common! Among others, we can cite jazz, soul, blues, country, metal, rock. You can also play electro, reggae, or classical music with your ukulele. Or why not add some freshness to rap or RnB instrumentals? All you have to do is listen well and play the right chords, and you're done.

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