Taylor Swift and the ukulele

Taylor Swift and the ukulele

With her 35 Grammy nominations and 10 awards she has won, Taylor Swift is currently one of the biggest artists on the planet. Moreover, the award for “Best Solo Performance” that she recently received at the NME Awards once again testifies to her exceptional musical talent.

His reputation is therefore well established in the world of showbiz. However, although his hits hold no secrets for his fans, very few know that the American star has always had a keen interest in the ukulele. She is even very skilled with this musical instrument.

An artist who has always loved the ukulele

For those who don't know yet, Taylor Swift can play many instruments. The world-renowned artist also loves to accompany his sweet voice with various stringed instruments such as guitar (classical and electric), piano, banjo and ukulele. She shows a clear preference for the latter. The thing is, she always admired him.

To prove it, the star did not hesitate to proudly wear a ukulele during her concert in Newark in 2011. For this event, she had decided to wear a beautiful retro-style purple dress, pretty two-tone pumps, multicolored bracelets and , to complete its original look, a beautiful ukulele.

A little later, his admiration for the small musical instrument of Hawaiian origin even led him to make it a central element in one of his famous compositions: "You belong with me". In addition, the ukulele is practically present in most of his titles, notably in "Exile" (ft. Bon Iver), "Betty", "Cardigan", "The 1" and "Love Story".

Playing the ukulele: the Taylor Swift style, how to best adopt it?

As in many artistic fields, references are also very useful when you want to evolve in the world of the ukulele. If you have decided to take Taylor Swift's style as a model, know that you can easily adopt it by applying a few good practices. Of course, the basic rule, at the level of the chords, will always be to work the major chords as well as the minor chords. Taylor Swift's compositions are accompanied by well-developed chords, so you will have to learn to develop your playing to gain flexibility and speed.

As far as the rhythm is concerned, everything will depend on the effect you want to obtain. Be that as it may, mastering the “strumming patterns” for the titles of the great American artist will require time and patience. Compositions often involve complex variations. Some even require quite specific techniques (like picking for example). Practice is therefore important if you want to achieve satisfactory results. By adopting the Taylor Swift style and with a lot of practice, you should be able to vary your repertoire widely and even to interpret other even more difficult pieces.

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