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Ashley Orlando

Short biography of Ashley Orlando

Originally from Louisiana, Ashley Orlando dreamed of becoming a Disney princess as a child, practically like all little girls in the world. But very soon, she discovered a great passion for music, which changed her outlook forever. However, the young girl has always focused on her studies in public relations. Once at university in Paris, while preparing for her master's degree, she connected to the world of French jazz. She started out as a swing dancer. She listened to underground bands like the one where the great clarinetist, Sidney Bechet, once played. It was then that Ashley Orlando fell in love with music again. Later, his move to Texas allowed him to enter the professional world of ukulele and kazoo by chance. So she decided to jump headfirst into Houston's ukulele music scenes. She soon managed to participate in international tours. Currently, Ashley Orlando combines her extensive professional experience in public relations, cross-cultural relations and non-profit organizations with her music to inspire and train others to step out of their comfort zone and lead more fulfilling lives. .

Ashley Orlando: a talented and committed musician

Today, Ashley Orlando is world famous as a jazz singer and ukulele player. But she's also a public relations expert and a community builder who enjoys using her music to help people have their voices heard, have ambitions, find the strength and courage to pursue their dreams. Classically trained soprano, Ashley Orlando has a very light, sweet voice that many people describe as angelic. It also has warm and jazzy tones.

Ashley Orlando and the ukulele

It was during an unexpected trip to Hawaii that Ashley Orlando discovered the ukulele. Since then, she has never separated from this little musical instrument. While her voice and communication skills gave her the opportunity to sing and teach in the United States, Canada and Europe, the ukulele propelled her to new musical heights centering on her first love that is jazz. Now based in Houston, Texas, she enjoys inspiring others to achieve their personal and professional dreams. Ashley Orlando performs throughout the Greater Houston Area with her band, Vintage Point. She builds the community as a co-leader and outreach organizer for Houkulele, the Houston Ukulele Club. She speaks and teaches through the Greater Houston Area District of Toastmasters International. She believes in the healing power of music as a member of the Ukulele Kids Club Advisory Board. An artist to discover urgently! We wish her a lot of success and who knows, maybe one day she will come to Tahiti?

photo credit: Ashley Orlando

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