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Good morning ! Can you start by introducing yourself?

Good morning ! My name is Noemie and I'm 13 years old, I play the ukulele, I sing and I do a little guitar. I've been in Tahiti for 5 years, about 4 years since I started making music and a year and a half that I play and sing at the same time.

How did this love for music come to you?

I have a family that has always rocked me in music, my dad plays the piano and my mom sang at one time. Sometimes they created music but it stayed in the family. For my part, I started doing it when I arrived in Tahiti and took ukulele lessons at school. The first ukulele I had was a traditional one, then from the moment I received a Hawaiian ukulele I never put it down! I started by learning the song "Apepe" by Teiva LC, and moreover afterwards I had the chance to sing with him which was great! Then I wanted to learn others, in particular "Shallow" by Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper...

You switched to The Voice Kids, tell us how it went!

It was a great experience in which I learned a lot and where I was able to meet great people who share the same passion as me. It was great, very rewarding! It made me want to keep exploring music and learn more. I was not really stressed in front of the cameras and I was rather happy to live this moment!

You are in 4th grade in college, do you manage to combine your passion and school?

It's true that sometimes it's complicated, I sometimes miss a few days of school to go do interviews for example.

Do you have a favorite musical instrument?

Not really, it depends on the music I play. For example the sad songs I prefer them to the guitar because it is an instrument which is quite serious and calm. For those who are more playful, I like to do them on the ukulele because it brings this more high-pitched and festive sound!

What are your plans ?

Recently I recorded and shot the clips for two of my songs: "Porinetia mon amour" and "Dear Mister Presidents". One describes the pleasure of arriving in Tahiti and living on the Fenua and the other talks about the environment. I also shot a music video with a choir and recorded a song for Christmas with local artists. I also plan to continue composing and writing songs with the help of my parents and to continue in music so that I can make it my job!

Thank you Noemie and good luck for the future and success in your projects!

Thank you very much! 

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