How to start a ukulele club in your city?

How to start a ukulele club in your city? - upaupatahiti

Want to start your own ukulele club in your city? You tell yourself that an ad posted everywhere on social networks will be able to help you. This can work, but the young club still has to manage to retain new members over the long term. Discover the best tips for building a solid ukulele club.

Building a good foundation for the future ukulele club

Most ukulele clubs we know of have a different hierarchy. But their leaders agree that it takes a strong leader at the top for the club to have any chance of surviving. A number of clubs have chosen the 'office' approach. This hierarchy model is strongly recommended if you plan to apply for 1901 law association status for your club. In addition, the office is composed of 4 people: the president, the vice-president, the secretary and the treasurer. They take care of the administrative aspect and largely ensure the organization of the monthly meeting circles. The board typically meets quarterly to review annual and monthly meeting schedules, to suggest and hire workshop presenters, etc.

Attract new ukulele club members

Now that you've built the foundation for your ukulele club, it's time to get on with the job of looking for interested members. Social networks remain effective. You will find a multitude of profiles who are interested in the ukulele. You just have to narrow the search field to your city. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, MeetUp, etc., there are many social platforms you can tap into. At Upa Upa Tahiti, we chose Facebook to create our group "Ukulele Club Tahiti" because it is the most used network in Tahiti. Apart from social media, if you have the means, you can create a special website for the club. After discovering you on the networks, people will want to know more about the club before joining. In this, nothing beats a good quality and well referenced website. This gives a more serious side to your project. You can post photos of club meetings, club calendars, tips, and more. Integrating into surrounding communities can also work. So consider establishing a partnership with local libraries, party rooms, bars to be able to organize workshops there, for example. This kind of activity helps expand the visibility of your ukulele club in your city. It makes it possible to establish a direct relationship with the participants who are therefore potential new members.

The social actions of the ukulele club

The main mission of a ukulele club is to allow people to make music together. Above all, it serves to encourage those who think they cannot play an instrument. You can donate to local charities. You can also help the elderly, needy children and the homeless in your community. At the same time, don't forget to share your passion for the ukulele and music in general. Don't forget to participate in festivals and other cultural events in your city! 

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