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Understanding the Differences Between a Soprano-Type Ukulele and a Concert-Type Ukulele

Soprano ukuleles

The soprano size is the most common, it is the size of the traditional ukulele (about 53 cm), the Polynesians frequently use the term "Kamaka" to designate it as opposed to the Tahitian ukulele which has another shape and which is often handcrafted . You should know that "Kamaka" is a Hawaiian brand of ukulele.

The soprano is the ideal size to start the ukulele for young and old from 7 to 77 years old, moreover its size allows children to hold it well in hand. However, if you have big hands, it might be worth considering buying a concert model that will provide more comfort.

The tuning of a soprano ukulele is GCE A.

concert ukuleles

The concert size is the size just above the soprano with 62 cm instead of 53 cm. It's also a bit heavier with wider-spaced frets.

A concert type ukulele is suitable for all ukulele players, especially for players with large hands.

The concert size brings to a rounder sound with more chest than the soprano model; The body being larger, the sound will be louder.

As with a soprano model, the tuning for a concert ukulele is GCE A.

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