New Zealand International Ukulele Orchestra

New Zealand International Ukulele Orchestra

Made up of several music enthusiasts, the New Zealand International Ukulele Orchestra has been famous for many years for its talent that leaves no one indifferent. As the name of the troupe clearly states, it is a group of players who use their little musical instrument to amaze our ears. Besides a double bass, the Wellington Ukulele Orchestra actually only uses this small stringed instrument during their public appearance. Note that the repertoire they perform is specially made up of covers of famous modern songs in addition to some ukulele standards. Not to mention their original look and the jokes they show on the call of WIUO.

History of the New Zealand International Ukulele Orchestra

The International Ukulele Orchestra, in English: The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra is a troupe of musicians. This troupe lives in particular to sing and entertain the public. Appeared in a small New Zealand café by Age Pryor and Bret McKenzie, this group reveals itself as a contemporary version of the dance performance orchestras dating from the 1950s. Around 2005 on a sold-out concert, the troupe delighted audiences in New Zealand with its unconventional balance of big humor and small string instruments.

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra has performed at festivals around the world, most notably the Edinburgh Festival Fringe and the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. The band then made history when they became the first ukulele act to appear in New Zealand's concert hall that is the Michael Fowler Centre. Making use of their various types of ukuleles, a double bass as well as their harmonious voices, this international ukulele orchestra group has also recorded more than four albums, while having performed a few soundtrack interpretations for the account of TV show like documentaries, sitcoms and movies.

Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra Features Overviews

The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra is a band from the land of “The Hobbit”. Much in demand around the world, this international ukulele orchestra pleases because of its charming humor, the sounds of touching little ukuleles and at the same time pleasant musicality to the ear. Generally speaking, the signature sounds of this band include high octane ukulele solos, perfect vocal matches in a few parts followed by a mind-blowing range of ukuleles. Without forgetting to always put on outfits of the flamboyant style, delicious theatrical effects and a friendly participation of the spectators which embellish the evening. This quote is a primary rule that also stands as another proof of the authenticity of this group: “If you know the words, sing. If you don't know the words, sing! ".  

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