Who are the best Polynesian ukulele artists?

Who are the best Polynesian ukulele artists? - upaupatahiti

Polynesia is an island in love with music and the latter pays it back. Anchored in mores, it constitutes a true mode of communication and serves above all to convey a message. The fact is that Polynesians have always been rocked by the sound of ukuleles. However, it is not uncommon to hear reggae sounds, old French songs, Hawaiian ballads or even pop music in the street. Note that Polynesian music on the ukulele presents as much a catchy rhythm, a jerky tempo as lyrics that address key themes. Namely the love of the traditions and culture of the places as well as the attachment of its inhabitants to the land or to the vagaries of life. Then discover in this article a small overview of the Polynesian singers who have touched the hearts in addition to being engraved in the minds of these followers.

Angelo: the pillar of Tahitian music

Singer, guitarist, author and composer at the same time, Angelo is one of the first ukulele musicians who knew how to seduce lovers of Polynesian music. He is truly a local music star! He was born in 1959 in Raiatea, in the Tahitian Society Archipelago. From the age of 8, he already found a vocation in the world of music and began to participate in various competitions from which he always emerged victorious. Still very famous today, he is especially appreciated by Tahitians and has an impressive repertoire. In 1984, Angelo released his first album "Manureva Teie". He wrote and composed most of the songs he performs. Angelo, whose real name is Angelo Ariitai Neuffer, is a committed singer who tackles a good number of subjects such as love, fraternity, Polynesian culture and the preservation of the environment. Angelo has so far accumulated more than two hundred songs from sixteen albums of all genres. We can cite Hoho'a in 1995, Varua Maohi in 2000 or the Papai Hia in 2012. Angelo gave concerts in Tahiti and France, notably at the Quéven festival with Breizh Polynesia.

Sabrina laughlin, the Polynesian star

Sabrina is an artist who made her debut in the shadow of her brother Tapu, when the latter is already appreciated by the general public. Born in 1978 in Papeete, Sabrina Laughlin started writing at the age of 17 and was very successful. However, she owes part of her reputation to her brother who was able to pass on his knowledge in this area. In addition to having shared his passion with him. Sabrina Laughlin is famous thanks to her ability to impose herself on the front of the Polynesian scene, with a ukulele in her hand. Some of his pieces are now an integral part of the local repertoire. We can mention Ta musique est douce in 2012, Tehere in 2014, T21 in 2014 or Tu'e Popo: the official music of the Fifa Beach Soccer World Cup Tahiti 2013.

In addition to these two artists mentioned, Polynesia still has many ukulele talents. Like Te Ava Piti, Teiva LC and the other members of the Laughlin family. Moreover, the Hawaiian nicknamed Iz or Israel Kamakawiwo'ole remains a key figure in Polynesian music on the ukulele.  

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